Facts About OxyContin Abuse

OxyContin is the brand name for time-released generic oxycodone. A powerful prescription painkiller, OxyContin is typically abused by chewing, crushing the tablets and snorting the powder, or dissolving the tablets and injecting the solution. The drug is rapidly released and absorbed, producing a strong sense of euphoria.

OxyContin abuse has increased in recent years, despite its relatively expensive street value. Those who cannot get a prescription for OxyContin or who cannot afford it are often attracted to the cheaper alternative, heroin.

Treating OxyContin Addiction

Whether someone uses OxyContin for a short time or over a prolonged period, addiction is always a risk. First the user will build a tolerance to the drug, requiring larger amounts to feel normal, and then they will experience withdrawal symptoms if they try to quit OxyContin.

Treatment for OxyContin addiction may start with OxyContin detox, followed by a stay in drug rehab. Because OxyContin affects the user’s brain chemistry, they are often physically dependent on the drug and need time to begin thinking clearly. Psychological dependence can be treated with counseling, coping skills training and creating a plan for managing drug cravings without relapsing.

Even though OxyContin is a prescription medication that can be used for legitimate pain relief purposes, an OxyContin addiction is no easier to beat than heroin addiction. Without professional intervention, OxyContin addicts may struggle with chronic relapse, painful withdrawals and a life that is spiraling out of control.