Success Stories

“Medication assisted treatment definitely saved my life.  After the first day I haven’t used once. I wasn’t sure if this was the best place for me, but I was running out of options. The methadone program helped me get my life back on track."

“Best benefit of a methadone program is transition. With methadone, I’m more confident that I can make the changes I need in my life. I’ve been slowly getting back into a normal life and routine without as much temptation because I’m in a methadone program.”

“Methadone treatment is more than just methadone. Though the methadone helped my body heal, it was the counseling and the groups that taught me how to live without heroin. I have a real future now, and the first step for me was getting in a methadone program.”

“Methadone treatment has saved my life.  I started using heroin shortly after my first stay in residential treatment, and kept using for the next two years. Due to my cravings, I just couldn’t stop. I had such a hard time getting help, then I found a methadone program that saved my life.”

“During methadone treatment, my body started to heal, and so did my mind. The counseling at the program and the group meetings were a huge benefit. I started thinking and talking about my future. Now I’m in college and am active in NA.”

“I started using drugs in high school. When things got so bad that I had to go to inpatient rehab, I thought I would be able to stay clean. But when I left treatment and was left to my own devices I started using again. When I found a methadone program, I started to get my life under control for real.”

“When I was on drugs, I was destroying myself, my family, my whole life. Methadone treatment stopped the cravings so I could focus on what was really important. I could get my life back together, and focus on my family and my future.”